2007 - 2017: Celebrating 10 Years 

of the Nancy B. Clemente Cancer Fund!

With Courage We Thrive...Are you a Thriver? You have survived your cancer. Are you truly thriving? Are you flourishing despite cancer? THRIVE by seeking health and wellness in all aspects of your life.


  • 6th Annual Golf Tournament - Over $34,500 Raised!
  • 8th Annual Education Dinner Helped Us Heal with Humor and Raised Over $500
  • The Thrivers Connection Education Series . . . Continues to Thrive
  • A New Event is Coming on October 7 . . . Clays Against Cancer!
  • Monday

    Topic for June Thrivers:  A Lymphedema Update

    Sandie Sanderson, PT and Certified Lymphedema Therapist, presented her annual update on Lymphedema, a specific chronic, extreme type of swelling in the body that can occur with a comprised lymphatic system. In the world of oncology lymphedema risk increases after lymph node dissection, surgery and/or radiation therapy. Sandie also educated the group to the signs and symptoms to watch for and the importance of notifying your healthcare provider if you suspect abnormal swelling.


    Medical Cannabis was the topic for the May Thrivers Education

    Medical Cannabis is legal in New York State for specific diagnoses and conditions under the NYS Compassionate Care Act. Patient Care Representative Lindsay Plunkett from the local dispensary, PharmaCannis, gave a very detailed presentation on this subject. Some of the information included was the history of cannabis and its uses over time, the human endocannabinoid system and how cannabis works in our bodies, qualifying medical conditions and implications for oncology.


    The April Thriver's Seminar Emphasized the Power of Faith

    Merilee Koss, cancer Thriver, shared her experience of divine healing after receiving her poor cancer prognosis in April 2012. A true testimony of faith and healing! Merilee has also shared her story in her book, Plummet To The Pinnacle. To obtain a copy of her book or to learn more about Merilee's story visit her website:



    Cancer Care from an Administrator’s Perspective

    Sabrina Mosseau, Director, St. Mary’s Cancer Center and Samaritan Radiation Oncology, shared her education background and work history, as well as her perspective of healthcare trends specific to cancer care issues during the March 17th Thriver Seminar. She asked for input from attendees regarding their questions about cancer care which prompted an informal group conversation.


    February Thriver Seminar Focused on Dense Breast Imaging

    Do you know that 66% of pre-menopausal women have dense breasts and 25% maintain this density post-menopause? Michael Masone, RT and Director, Capital Imaging Associates, gave a very informative and thought provoking presentation. He discussed the evolution of breast imaging including current imaging techniques and their availability in the Capital District. He also explained the current New York State law regarding patient notification of dense breasts along with the classification as such. Attendees had many questions regarding their experiences with mammography, ultrasound and breast MRI relative to varied insurance coverages. A hot topic indeed! JoAnne McDaniels from Capital Imaging Associates also attended.


    Survivorship Plan Development

    During the January Thrivers Seminar, Cheryl Syta, Nurse Practitioner, St Mary’s Cancer Treatment Center, presented a process she has developed at St. Mary’s Cancer Treatment Center to ensure a survivorship plan visit with patients. She informed the group of the national focus of survivorship with cancer diagnoses and asked the group for input related to their thoughts on being a survivor.


    Fear of Breast Cancer Recurrence: A Medical Oncologist’s Perspective

    A record turnout for the December Thrivers Seminar heard Dr. Shail Maingi review the risk factors for breast cancer, past and current research validity, types of recurrence, the fear and anxiety associated with the possibility of recurrence, the importance of communication between you and your doctor and other healthcare professionals, and how to avoid recurrence. Download the Presentation


    November Thrivers Seminar Featured Cancer Surgery Updates

    Dr. Liz Germinder, General Surgeon, shared with the group information from a surgeon’s perspective regarding general surgical options, risk factors and complications. She expanded information specific to breast surgeries after a cancer diagnosis.