In Loving Memory of Bill Dussor

The Nancy B. Clemente Cancer Fund mourns the passing of our co-founder, website manager, and Nancy's beloved cousin on January 13, 2018 from metastatic colon cancer. Words cannot express our depth of sadness.

You can learn more about Bill's life here and here.

2007 - 2019: Celebrating 12 Years
of the Nancy B. Clemente Cancer Fund!

With Courage We Thrive...Are you a Thriver? You have survived your cancer. Are you truly thriving? Are you flourishing despite cancer? THRIVE by seeking health and wellness in all aspects of your life.


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Imaging Updates for Diagnosing Breast Cancer & Dense Breast Imaging Concerns

The speaker for the July Thrivers Education Series was Michael Masone, accompanied by Joanne McDaniels, from Capital Imaging Associates, Latham NY. They presented information on the current technology for breast imaging with specifics on how to better evaluate and quantitate dense breasts. Also provided was information on next generation 3D mammography and what to expect when you have a mammogram appointment.



June 14th Thrivers Education Series Summary

Speaker Patricia Matthews, Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach, Aromatherapist, Aromatouch Practitioner and Personal Trainer was accompanied by Lisa Miccio, Cancer Survivor. They shared with the group some important information on becoming connected with essential oils as a pathway to vibrant health. Lemon, lavender and peppermint are a few of the more commonly known oils that are beneficial. Look for essential oils that are "certified pure". Learn more by contacting



Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema & Exercise

The May 10th Thrivers Education Series speaker was Sandie Sanderson, Physical Therapist and Certified Lymphedema Therapist. Sandie presented her annual lymphedema review and update. She also discussed the benefits of exercise to help prevent lymphedema as well as part of the treatment after diagnosis. Attendees received a set of 2# dumbbell weights to use with their home exercise program.



April Thrivers Education Series Luncheon

Cecilia Thomas: breast cancer thriver, domestic abuse survivor and author. She shared with the group her courageous personal story as a means to help others. Her book: While Waiting For Change - What Happens to You While You're Trying to Change Them and Waiting for Them to Change .



Dental Awareness with Dr. Matthew Clemente

The February Thrivers Education attendees were treated to an informative and entertaining presentation on dental health by Matthew Clemente, a local Doctor of Dental Surgery. He reviewed the basics of tooth anatomy, oral care, and current treatments and procedures. Also discussed was how our oral health is affected by our general health status and fitness, cancer treatment and other medical conditions.



January 2018 Thrivers Education

Mark Kearney, licensed Mental Health Counselor and Bereavement Counselor for Community Hospice, lead a discussion regarding Hospice care, end of life issues and grief. These are often topics people avoid because of fear, complicated relationships, etc. Community Hospice offers grief support services free of charge throughout our area. Educating ourselves about coping strategies after experiencing the loss of a loved one can assist us in the healing process.



Kiersten Spain - Holistic Health Coach

Our November Thrivers Connection attendees received information on how to be proactive in finding their way back to health. The speaker shared her cancer story and how this diagnosis prompted her to pursue her health through food, nature and the power of her faith to heal within. Visit her website to learn more!



September Thrivers Education: Lymphedema

Lori Reichel, OTR/L, CLT-LANA of Sunnyview Hospital presented a comprehensive look at lymphedema, its definition, symptoms and treatment.