In Loving Memory of Bill Dussor

The Nancy B. Clemente Cancer Fund mourns the passing of our co-founder, website manager, and Nancy's beloved cousin on January 13, 2018 from metastatic colon cancer. Words cannot express our depth of sadness.

You can learn more about Bill's life here and here.

2007 - 2019: Celebrating 12 Years
of the Nancy B. Clemente Cancer Fund!

With Courage We Thrive...Are you a Thriver? You have survived your cancer. Are you truly thriving? Are you flourishing despite cancer? THRIVE by seeking health and wellness in all aspects of your life.


Celebrating our volunteers from the annual golf tournament

January 2017 A New Year Approach to Courage!

Carole Heaney, RN, MS, Integrative Health Coach, helped us discover our courage by unleashing our creativity. These two concepts are closely related. When finding the synergy of each we bring joy and healing into our lives.



Navigating the World of Health Insurance

A cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment can be stressful enough for patients and family members. Health insurance and financial issues can only add to that stress. At the December Thrivers Education Barbara McHale (pictured) and Sherri Gadomski, Nurse Navigators along with Jackie Dorn, Social Worker, shared information and community resources to help alleviate these concerns.



November Topic: Fat Is All That!

Dr. Jerome Chao, Plastic Surgeon, discussed the use of autologous fat for breast cancer reconstruction and beyond! He was accompanied by his surgical P.A., Rebecca Harrica. Thrivers learned how fat grafting can be used for cancer reconstruction, reconstruction revisions, radiation skin changes as well cosmetic surgery.



Coming Into Relationship With Your Body

October Thrivers Education Series speaker, Judy Rosch, shared information gathered from her varied background as a RN, Reiki Master, Brennan Healing Practitioner and a student of Deepak Chopra. When experiencing any illness, including cancer, a person may feel that their body has betrayed them. There are ways to come into relationship with your body as well as mind and spirit. Meditation is one technique to help in this process. Any new method for restoring a healthy relationship takes practice!



September Thrivers Discussed Self Care Assessment Tool

Jackie Dorn, social worker at St. Mary’s Cancer Treatment Center and Samaritan Radiation Oncology, discussed the topic of "Self Care” with the September Thrivers group. Utilizing a worksheet called the Self Care Assessment Tool, a person can identify and evaluate their level of true caring for self versus caring for others and how this can affect health issues. Goals for self improvement can be made based on these findings as a way to maximize a healthy life.


Intimacy Issues During & After Cancer Treatment 

This topic is often difficult for patients to discuss with their healthcare providers. There are many oncology surgeries and treatments that can cause problems with intimacy and sexuality, both emotionally and physically. At the July Thrivers Series Vickie Yattaw, RN, Oncology Education & Support Services Manager at the C.R. Wood Cancer Center of Glens Falls Hospital, encouraged group members to start a dialogue of their concerns even if your provider hasn’t asked you first. She also gave many helpful hints on products and techniques that may alleviate uncomfortable side effects.


Topic for June Thrivers:  A Lymphedema Update

Sandie Sanderson, PT and Certified Lymphedema Therapist, presented her annual update on Lymphedema, a specific chronic, extreme type of swelling in the body that can occur with a comprised lymphatic system. In the world of oncology lymphedema risk increases after lymph node dissection, surgery and/or radiation therapy. Sandie also educated the group to the signs and symptoms to watch for and the importance of notifying your healthcare provider if you suspect abnormal swelling.


Medical Cannabis was the topic for the May Thrivers Education

Medical Cannabis is legal in New York State for specific diagnoses and conditions under the NYS Compassionate Care Act. Patient Care Representative Lindsay Plunkett from the local dispensary, PharmaCannis, gave a very detailed presentation on this subject. Some of the information included was the history of cannabis and its uses over time, the human endocannabinoid system and how cannabis works in our bodies, qualifying medical conditions and implications for oncology.

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