In Loving Memory of Bill Dussor

The Nancy B. Clemente Cancer Fund mourns the passing of our co-founder, website manager, and Nancy's beloved cousin on January 13, 2018 from metastatic colon cancer. Words cannot express our depth of sadness.

You can learn more about Bill's life here and here.

2007 - 2019: Celebrating 12 Years
of the Nancy B. Clemente Cancer Fund!

With Courage We Thrive...Are you a Thriver? You have survived your cancer. Are you truly thriving? Are you flourishing despite cancer? THRIVE by seeking health and wellness in all aspects of your life.


Celebrating our volunteers from the annual golf tournament

Monthly Seminar Promotes Vitality & Health!

At the September 17 Thriver Seminar, Lorraine Calleri, LMT, educated the group on how the movement of connective tissue (fascia) and energy in the body can promote vitality and health when recovering from cancer treatments and procedures. Our Thrivers Connection Monthly Education Series is FREE, so join us for a future program.


Eating Well is Easy if You Keep a Healthy Pantry

Chef Jim Rhoads of Chef’s Deli & More spoke at the August Thrivers Education series on the importance of eating well during and after cancer treatment. Jim explains this is much easier to accomplish when we keep food in the house that is healthy and easy to prepare. Reading labels is key. Avoid processed foods, watch sodium and sugar levels. Eat more fruits and vegetables and use healthy oils such as olive and coconut. Alternatives to white sugar include agave, honey and stevia. Organic coconut palm sugar does not raise sugar levels. Spices and herbs are a good way to enhance flavors without using salt. Ask Nancy for a complete listing of Chef Jim’s pantry suggestions.


Healing the Mind, Body & Spirit was the Focus of the July Thriver's Seminar

July’s Thrivers Education Session was held at our new home at the St. Mary’s Cancer Treatment Center. A record number of participants gathered around the Community Education table sponsored by the Nancy B. Clemente Fund! Nancy lead the group in a discussion of what it means to be a cancer Thriver - addressing concepts beyond the medical aspects of cancer treatment to heal mind, body and spirit.


St. Mary's Cancer Treatment Center Opens with Great Expectations

St. Peter's Health Partners unveiled a new cancer treatment center at St. Mary's Hospital in Troy with an open house on June 11, 2015. The new $1.9 million, 12,000-square-foot center was designed in consultation with patients to address their dissatisfaction with previous care environments, according to Sabrina Mosseau, the center's administrative director. The center includes a wellness room for massage, a private room for family consultations, a kitchen where a chef will offer cooking classes for patients whose appetites have changed, a library with an assistant to help research cancer topics, and a retail store with hard-to-find goods like head coverings, special body creams and silk pillowcases, which are gentle on hair. Other features include plush seating for people undergoing hours of chemotherapy, and electrical outlets that can be reached by the patient from the chair, without help from a nurse. The center was funded entirely by donations, Mosseau said, including from the Nancy B. Clemente Fund. Visit our Photo Gallery!


Thriver Discusses Oncology Esthetics at the June 11 Education Seminar

Marlene Canabush, LE, from Essential Healing Esthetics, and a fellow Thriver, discussed the importance of general daily skin care including cleansing morning and night, hydration and exercise. She also informed the group as to specific skin issues that can arise during chemotherapy and radiation and some solutions for adverse effects.


"Spring Into Movement" with Randi Jurus, Yoga Instructor, Movement Specialist

At the May 14 Thrivers Education seminar, Randi Jurus reminded the group that movement of our bodies is important at any age and at any ability level. She challenged us to bring balance into our lives by examining 4 key factors identified as MISS - Movement, Intake (water protein and produce), Stress (reduction) and Sleep. The importance of breathing from our diaphragm was also noted.


April Thrivers Education Speaker Barbara McHale, RN, Reviewed the Benefits of Patient Navigation

A Patient Navigator helps to coordinate patient care, connects patients with available community resources and helps patients understand the healthcare system, including insurance issues, medical care, social support and more. We sincerely appreciated Barbara McHale's perspective, a Patient Navigator at Samaritan Hospital Cancer Treatment Center.


Lymphedema Update by Sandie Sanderson MSPT, CLT-LANA

A record number of Thrivers attended this informative review and update of lymphedema on March 12. Remember . . . Lymphedema can occur many years after surgery or radiation. Watch for swelling, a feeling of fullness or heaviness or changes in sensation. Wear a compression garment when flying. Avoid having blood pressure taken on the affected arm. Monitor any cuts or abrasions on skin. Report changes to your healthcare professional.

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