"Nancy's Necklace & Earrings"

Designed by Nancy Clemente, we are proud to offer you this opportunity to give a loved one a very special gift, while furthering the mission of "The Fund".

The 18-inch Italian Sterling Silver Chain is customized with a natural coin pearl -- representing Nancy's June birthstone -- with a pink crystal signifying Breast Cancer Awareness. And with the added inspirational sentiment of "Courage", this gift is a unique and very affordable piece of jewelry for loved ones, family members and friends. The new, matching earrings now complete the set. 

"Nancy's Necklace" is priced at $45 per necklace, with 100% of all proceeds going directly to support "The Fund" and it's ongoing educational program for cancer 'thrivers'. The earrings are $20, or you can purchase the set for $60

Please help us continue our efforts by purchasing this inspiring piece of jewelry. Your gift to someone special will enable us to help many more. And if you are able, we would certainly appreciate an additional donation to our fundraising efforts in support of the Northeast Health Foundation.

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Thank You!

Nancy with necklace craftsperson, Petra Malitz.

Thank you Petra Malitz, a local jewelry designer and creative artisan who volunteered her time and talent for the past six years in bringing Nancy's Necklace to life!