Long-Term Care After Breast Cancer Surgery & Radiation

Physical, long-term side effects may occur after breast cancer treatment. Re-occurrence can happen.

Feel Empowered and Take Care of YOU!

  • Continue regular self breast exams. Know how your skin and scars look and feel now. Know your "lumps and bumps".

  • Watch for signs of lymphedema -- excessive swelling in any part of the breast or arm, or a feeling of heaviness.

  • Avoid blood pressure reading, needle punctures, cuts, scratches or abrasions to the arm that is on the same side you had surgery.

  • Avoid sun exposure to the affected area as this may cause excessive burning.

  • Numbness or tingling may persist after surgery -- be aware of any changes.

  • Contact your doctor if you see changes that concern you.

  • Get regular follow-up visits with your healthcare professionals.