The Beginning . . .

2019...Celebrating 12 years of the Fund! 

Your Fund Donations at Work

Since its inception, The Fund has:
  • Hosted Seven Annual Dinner Education Events
  • Provided Lymphedema Compression Garments to Breast Cancer Patients in Financial Need
  • Hosted a Monthly "Thrivers Connection Education Series & Luncheon"
  • Supported the Cancer Wellness Program at Samaritan Hospital in Troy, New York
  • Offered Complimentary Consultations to Cancer Patients and Thrivers Seeking Guidance
  • Collaborated with cancer community partners to host educational events and create resources.

The Fund was created in 2007, shortly after Nancy Clemente had received her treatments for breast cancer.  Throughout all stages of dealing (living!) with this disease -- diagnosis, chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and post-treatment examinations -- Nancy discovered that she had many questions, but few answers existed in an easy-to-find, and easy-to-comprehend format.  With her determination, and desire to help others navigate through the myriad of issues she uncovered, The Fund took life.

The original goal was to develop free education programs for breast cancer patients ("THRIVERs"), caregivers, family members, and even healthcare professionals to fill in the gaps of information that became evident to Nancy during her journey.

In 2006 Nancy received her radiation therapy at Samaritan Hospital's Cancer Treatment Center.  When she presented her observations to Sabrina Mosseau, the Center's adminstrative director, Nancy asked if they had any interest in developing educational programming to fill this void . . . and the answer was a resounding YES!

Nancy also identifed a need (opportunity!) to provide lymphedema compression garments to breast cancer patients who do not have insurance or whose insurance does not cover such a critically important post-treatment form of care, due to their financial limitations.  

Since The Fund has been in existence many patients over the years have received these items . . . at no expense.


The Future . . .

The opportunities we have to continue our mission to EDUCATE are endless, and we want to expand the network of knowledge that exists out there. But we need your assistance. Please consider making a donation to The Fund and help us develop and distribute more information to those battling this disease. With your support, we can and will comfort more THRIVERs.

Thank You!