Surviving Cancer – How Do I Do It?

LOVE . . . Savor every moment with those you love.

LIVE . . . Don’t crawl into a corner and try to hide from cancer. It already found you. Instead, continue to do the things that make you happy every day.

LAUGH . . . They say it’s the best medicine.

FIGHT . . . Beating cancer isn’t easy. It’s hard. But, as hard as they are or may be, I look forward to my chemo treatments and surgery, because they mean I’m on the offensive, fighting back.

BELIEVE . . . you will beat it. Mental health is important and can affect your physical health. Have confidence in yourself and your caregivers that a successful outcome will be achieved.

RECEIVE . . . the emotional and physical support of family, friends, co-workers, colleagues and even complete strangers who will offer emotional and physical support to you and your family. Accept as much as you can. Without it, many of the other things on this page are that much harder to achieve.

IGNORE . . . the statistics. They are just numbers. Don’t dwell on them. Your condition is yours alone. How long an 85 year old woman with Alzheimer’s survived after being diagnosed with cancer has no bearing on your long term prognosis. In addition, every person in that statistic was diagnosed with cancer at least 5 years ago. The rate of medical advancements is incredible and there are treatments and medicines today that were not available to those diagnosed even only 5 years ago.

LEARN . . . from other cancer survivors. They’ve experienced many of the things you will first-hand – in ways most doctors haven’t. Talking with them helps relieve the fear of the unknown throughout the process.

CRY . . . There will be days of pain, or moments that touch your heart in ways you could never have imagined before.

PRAY . . . to whomever, for whatever you need. I’m not an overly devout or religious person, but I don’t see any downside here. Funny thing is, I find I spend more time praying for those in my support network than for myself.


A future cancer survivor – because failure is not an option.